Hunter Lab - Men's Pinot Grape Skin Bath Soak

Hunter Lab - Men's Pinot Grape Skin Bath Soak


There's a new super natural skincare tool in the Hunter Lab armoury - the Pinot Grape Skin Body Soak. Invite him to soak the stresses of daily life away in this luxurious bath blend for men.

Hand-picked and sustainably sourced, the finest quality grape skins, seeds and oils have been crafted with the detoxifying and relaxing benefits of Epsom and Rock Salts to create the ultimate mind, body and soul wind down experience

Grape skins and seeds are one of nature’s most powerful anti-ageing ingredients, effective in helping to improve skin health with their abundance of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. The antioxidant properties bind with the skins free radicals to help reduce damage caused within the cells. These properties improve and strengthen collagen production, reduce redness and damage from sun exposure, and heal and rejuvenate the skin by kick starting new cell growth

Grapeseed Oil is high in vitamins A, C, E and D, and Linoleic, Palmatic and Stearic acids, all of which the body craves to stay healthy. Its use helps the skin form its protective barrier, retain moisture, and promote tissue elasticity, adding in the creation of firm, supple and more youthful skin.

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