Sustee 'Watering Checker'

Sustee 'Watering Checker'


Add this clever little ‘watering checker’ to your plant gift to help your gift thrive in its new home. This simple to use and unobtrusive device will stop any of that tricky over-watering or under-watering business that is often the cause of poor indoor plant health.

How does it work? After watering, simply plant the Sustee into the pot plant’s soil - up to the indicator on the device. When you water your plant, the Sustee absorbs moisture from the root level at the same time as the soil absorbs moisture. The indicator will turn blue as the level of absorbed water in the soil rises - taking about 10 minutes to turn completely blue. Then over the next few days to a week (depending on the plant’s water requirements), keep an eye on the little indicator, and when the device turns from blue to white, it’s time to water! Easy peasy!

This size medium is the perfect and recommended size for either our small (130mm) or large pot sizes (170-180mm).

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