Sold out - Small Calathea Corona Prayer Plant

Sold out - Small Calathea Corona Prayer Plant

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The stunning Calathea Corona Prayer Plant is known for its striking and clever foliage. Leaves are a silvery-green bordered with a dark green on one side with the brightest purple on the underside. At night, the leaves fold in as hands in prayer, extending outwards in daylight. They love humidity, so mist their leaves occasionally, such as with one of our Haws misters from our add-on gift range. They prefer moderate to bright indirect light. If you follow these simple steps - these cuties will thrive. But they do require a little more care and attention than our other plants - so they are probably not the best choice for first time plant parents.

Our small plants are in 130mm pots. All our plants are presented in a custom made hessian planter, with a handwritten postcard and care instructions. They are hand delivered in recycled kraft paper gift bags with our branding, by a premium door to door courier service.

sold out
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