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We the Wild Support Pellets

$17.00 AUD

Slow-released over 2 months, We the Wild’s bioactive pellets spring to life once watered, slowly transforming your soil into a complex ecosystem ripe for growth. This 250 gram container allows you to treat and nourish, for example, 10-20 plants for 2 months.

How to use:
"To refresh soil

  • Mix 1-2 tbsp per plant into the topsoil every 2 months, water with Grow Concentrate.

When repotting

  • Liberally mix into store bought or old soil, ensuring contact with roots.

For germination

  • Crumble, moisten and coat seeds thoroughly.

The science:

200+ microbe strains slowly release into soil and attach to roots. This allows nutrients to be more readily absorbed by roots! Packed with Mycorrhizal Fungi. This acts as the plants ‘messenger’, to collect everything a plant needs from the soil. NPK: 4:3:2