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5 Health Benefits of Indoor Plants

We’re not just saying this because we love plants – but indoor plants have a lot to offer to your home beyond adding a green touch your indoor space.

Benefits of having indoor plants range from relieving stress, to making you more productive, improving the air quality and adding some colour to your home.

Whether you’re a homeowner or a tenant wanting to change up your space, be sure check out our full indoor plant range here, and gift + care packages alike (hello retail therapy!).

Even if you don't have a garden, a backyard or a balcony, you can still add vibrancy and character to your home with indoor plants, big or small. Think bookshelves, bathrooms, windowsills, and everything in between.

Here are our top 5 health benefits of ordering indoor plants:

1: Improves Air Quality

We’ll only talk science briefly – but did you know plants absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and release oxygen using a process called photosynthesis? This process usually needs the sun to occur, but some plants, like gerbera daisies, photosynthesize through the night as well.

Aside from oxygenating the air around you, many plants are also excellent dirt, dust and pollen trappers – a big plus, but what does this really mean? This can be extremely useful for someone with breathing problems, allergies, or asthma. The leaves of many plants can actively trap pollutants from the air, improving your air quality even further. Add a Peace Lily to your ‘must buy’ list – it’s a plant that is exceptionally good at doing this (a big yes!).

If good pollutant trappers are a priority when finding the perfect indoor plants, get in touch with our team and we can help you find the perfect match.

2: Adds Moisture to the Room

If you regularly use an air conditioner or heater (think: Victorian winter) then chances are that the humidity and moisture level in your room isn't ideal – air conditioners tend to dry out the air.

The solution? Houseplants of course (who knew!). Many houseplants, such as spider plants, are great at adding moisture to the environment. Whether it's the warmth of summer heat or the cold of winter that requires you to use an air conditioner or heater, indoor plants can add moisture to your home. Houseplants ensure that your home will always have suitable moisture levels.

Fun fact for those that love a good skincare routine – all the above in turn improves the quality of your skin, which might dry out without moisture in the air. This drying out effect speeds up the process of ageing as well – something we’d all like to avoid!

3: Improves Your Mood and Reduces Stress

Plants like lavender are already well-known for their ability to reduce stress. Benefits of indoor plants include improving the mood and alleviating stress. Blooming flowers are especially known for this.

When nearby or living with flowering plants, people tend to feel better and more rested. Fragrant plants like jasmine and lavender are especially good at this, which is why their scents are so popular! You can utilise indoor plants to design your home to make you feel happy and stress-free.

If you’re looking for ways to reduce stress in your life (or a friend’s life) check out our Gift Packages here.

4: Physical Health Benefits

Health benefits of indoor plants extend to physical benefits as well. From burns to minor cuts, indoor plants can help with healing. Plants like aloe vera are well known for their ability to treat burn wounds – if you’ve experienced sunburn from the Aussie sun, you’ll know what we mean!

5: Work and Productivity

Finally – indoor plants are known for their ability to calm the mind and boost productivity. Feeling calm leads to better productivity and creative thinking, this is especially perfect for those of us who work at home.

This, plus taking time out of your day to water and care for plants (and a break from the screen) is a healthy way to break up the day! Choose your next indoor office plant from our range here.

You’ll also be able to sleep better at night if you have indoor plants at home. These house plants benefits come from a variety of factors, one of which is the increased oxygenation in your home making for a more restful sleep.

So, Should You Buy Plants Online?

We can understand the worry, but plants are perfectly safe to buy online, and we take the utmost care in our deliveries – we know how special plants are!

We know the main concern when buying plants online is that your plant may be damaged during transit. Rest assured that every house plant is carefully packaged with aerated boxes to ensure that the plant is safe and secure all through delivery until arriving at its new home! Learn how to best look after your indoor plant here.

Buying plants online is a great idea for anyone who wants to enjoy house plant benefits without having to visit the nursery themselves, or if you’re organising a gift for a loved one. Simply order online and wait while your new house plants are delivered straight to do your (or a friend’s) door!

Check out our full range here, or get in touch to help find the perfect gift!