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Gift Ideas That any Plant Lover will Adore

Who doesn’t love surprises? A thoughtful gift from our range is sure to put a smile on any plant lover’s face - here are some brilliant indoor plants gift ideas that your loved one will definitely fall for.

Finding the perfect gift is never easy, especially when you want it to be something meaningful from the heart. 

At Hello Botanical, we believe in thoughtful gifts that are curated with care and love. That's why we’ve curated a series of plant lover gift ideas that range from potted plants to botanical body wash and plant apparel - basically the stuff that we too would love to receive!

 Whether it’s a gift for a seasoned plant aficionado or someone who has a new budding interest in plants, we’ve got you covered.

 The gift that grows 

What better way to surprise your loved ones than with the gift of life — plants. Many studies have shown that house plants can help to boost your mood, reduce stress levels and even increase productivity. They’re the perfect companion while you work, play or relax in the comfort of home.

Leafy, luscious and green, indoor houseplants don't just add beauty to your living space but also fill your room with fresh air, removing toxins and purifying the surroundings. Check out these amazing potted plant gift ideas:  

Monstera Deliciosa Fruit Salad Plant 

Did someone say fruit salad? The Monstera Deliciosa is a lush flowering plant from the tropics that actually bears fruit! Its green hexagonal tiled fruit grows up to 25cm and tastes like a salad of mango, pineapple and banana. With its large waxy leaves and gorgeous fenestrations (natural holes in plants), this large exotic beauty is a great addition to any home. We have them in both large and small sizes so you can be sure that your gift is the perfect fit.

Small Dragon Tail Plant

Stunning, unique and easy to care for - that's all our favourite qualities in one plant. If you’re looking for potted plant gift ideas but don’t know where to start, the Small Dragon Tail Plant is the perfect pick. This distinctive variety of Epipremnum features arrow-shaped leaves that are thick, split and leathery. They are extremely easy to care for, don't need much water and can adapt to most indoor environments. A thoughtful gift for just about anyone, no matter how green their thumbs are.


Small Begonia Maculata Plant

The Begonia Maculata, also known as the Polka Dot Begonia, is one of the most photogenic indoor plants around. With its wing-shaped leaves and silvery speckles, this plant truly makes a bold statement. Pair this head-turner with a beautiful mirror piece to create a stunning display in any room. In fact, the Begonia Maculata is the ideal bathroom plant because it thrives under bright indirect light and loves a bit of humidity. Like all of our plants, these come in a custom made hessian planter pouch with a lovely handwritten postcard and of course, care instructions to keep it happy and healthy.


Think out of the pot

If your special someone already lives in a home nursery that almost looks like a jungle, not to worry! We still offer a plethora of other gift ideas for indoor plant lovers.

Explore our series of Botanical Wares & Care Packages that feature locally-made tonics, sprays and concentrates for happy plants at home. We have personally tried and tested these products, and we're quite certain that you'll love them too.

Treat that special someone with our consciously curated collection of botanical body products like soaps, deodorants and even hand sanitisers. They not only look and feel amazing but smell absolutely delightful.

Or what about matching plant shirts and bucket hats with your favourite plant buddy? Our Plant Lover Apparel is a collaboration between us, award-winning graphic designer Sinead Murphy and iconic Melbourne fashion designer, Linda Britten.

With our curation of unique Indoor plants gift ideas, you'll find something suitable for every and any occasion. From “I Love You” to “Congratulations” to “I'm Sorry!", there's always a care pack that conveys it all. So the next time you’re searching for a thoughtful gift for a fellow plant lover (or maybe even yourself), pop by Hello Botanical. Happy gifting!