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5 Reasons to Spoil Someone with a Care Package Delivery in Melbourne!

There are two types of people in this world: the kind who keep their spare change close… who honour their weekly grocery budget and always hit their savings goals. Then, there are others who welcome any excuse to take lunch outside the office… who can’t help but bring fresh flowers home and cover the brunch bill. 
Can you guess the people we are? What about you? 
We’ll be the first to admit, we don’t always follow logic – but that’s okay. Real happiness doesn’t come from a number in our bank accounts, right? It comes from giving back to the ones we love. We’d argue this makes any investment in family and friends a worthy cause.

Whether you’re looking to mark a special occasion or merely drown your partner in love, there’s no such thing as an unjustified gift. There are simply good reasons to give and even better ones! On that note, here are several reasons that make a gift undeniably worth giving this season. 

To Show Gratitude. 
Perhaps you’ve just moved out of home, and your Mum has offered to handle your washing – anything to make the transition easier. It’s time to go the extra mile for her, just as she’s done for you. Instead of offering up a hug and heading on your merry way, take a few moments to organise a care package delivery from Melbourne’s most beloved delivery service. For a supportive Mum like yours, we’d recommend the Pamper & Treat Care Package. As always, every goodie inside has been ethically and locally sourced. She’ll love the excuse to sit back with a cup of tea and a bar of chocolate, knowing her efforts have made a difference. 

Our Mums aren’t the only ones who go out of their way for us (with little question and little thanks). There’s every chance after relentless lockdowns, that we’ve taken the presence of our partners for granted. Why not remind them just how grateful you are with the Date Night Care Package? Remember, gratitude is infectious. Pay it forward and you’re likely to reap the benefits. 

To help relieve stress and anxiety.
One of the most underrated reasons for gifting a loved one has equally been the driving motivation for Hello Botanical orders over the past two years. Lockdown was tough, but that’s not to say that returning to normal life is any less anxiety-inducing. For many, anxiety levels are at an all-time high. 
As we return to the office and workload escalates once again, to surprise someone with a care package delivery in Melbourne could make a world of difference. The Self Care Package is a wonderful reminder for those feeling anxious to slow down, de-stress, and focus on what matters. 

The same goes for anyone leading into important exams or a challenging emotional transition. It may not seem like much, but we wouldn’t underestimate how powerful it is to reach out during a taxing time. Not even the most overburdened individuals could turn down a delicious hamper.

To say congratulations!
There’s nothing more fun than spotting a Hello Botanical order that celebrates an engagement, a new home… or the arrival of a new bub. If there were any time to deliver the New Life New Leaf - Parents and Bubs Care Package, now is certainly it. The early days of first-time (even second or third time!) parenthood are tricky and can be surprisingly isolating. Show your support and keep their spirits high, with a thoughtful care package delivery to Melbourne’s newest parents. 

For the friend who’s just earned a promotion at work, may you be the first one to bring your hands together in praise, or better yet, to click order at Hello Botanical. Tip: You can’t go wrong with the Men’s Sip & Soothe Package to ensure he remains confident, composed, and ready to place their best foot forward. 

To provide motivation.
Got a friend who is determined to take care of their indoor plants this year? Another one who has promised to become more adventurous… to cook more… to host more dinners? Bolster all three goals at once with thanks to The Chilli Fiend Care Package. It’s the spice that everyone needs in their life, particularly when motivation is dwindling. Around late February-early March is usually when the high of the New Year starts to fade and the reality of sticking to our goals truly sets in. It’s no easy feat to honour grandiose resolutions year-round, but a hamper will certainly steer our friends and family in the right direction. 

Just because. 
We could speak for eternity on the meaningful reasons to pay it forward or to spoil someone you love. But at the end of the day, the most important reason is often none at all. When you surprise a friend out of nowhere, that’s a reminder that you’re thinking of them. Simple at its core, an act like this can change the tune of someone’s entire week.

Take it from our team, who are fortunate enough to oversee plenty of heartfelt exchanges day-in and day-out. The most memorable gifts are almost never necessary. They are unnecessary by nature. That each one finds a unique way to be justified… now that’s where the real treasure lies.