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The Best Made-in-Melbourne Care Packages: Treat Loved Ones (Or Yourself) in Isolation

The Best Made-in-Melbourne Care Packages: Treat Loved Ones (Or Yourself) in Isolation

The first few weeks of the year haven’t exactly gone to plan. First, it was New Year’s Eve and plenty of solo celebrations. For many of us, the “holidays” were characterised by postponed trips and surprise, surprise… more time at home. There’s a good chance that right now, you’ve landed in the same boat as many Australians before you: officially confined to a handful of rooms. Unofficially gearing up for seven long, low-energy days ahead of you.

It’s not the usual leap and bound with which we all hope to enter a New Year. But it isn’t all doom and gloom either - here’s why! There’s something special that comes from a challenging experience, and that’s the opportunity to show you care. When else do you know exactly where your friends and family are? Not to mention, precisely what they’re doing. That information is rare to come by in the rush of daily life, and yet, it’s yours for the next seven days. 

So why not spread some love? To your best friend. To yourself. To your favourite couple. You needn’t worry if they prefer a night out, or whether they’ve got plans for their 10th anniversary. It’s safe to say if they’re stuck at home, all suggestions will come highly appreciated. The Date Night Care Package will send them in just the right direction, featuring a Wilson Payne eco-friendly soy-based candle, Rose Bath Oil by Salus, two Bahen & Co Chocolate bars and more. 

Isolating alone? We say that’s a free pass to pamper yourself. You’re best off filling your cart with the complete Pamper and Treat Care Package. If your whole body is aching, the Organic Heat Pillow by Salus will do wonders. As will three Melbourne Bushfood chocolate bars… because when does chocolate not make everything better? 

If you adore a long bath when you’re feeling tired, do yourself a favour and invest in the Bath and Treat Care Package. Bask in more than just chocolate, but also, Salus Rose Bath Oil and Sunday Lab Wild Rose bath salts. You might use this time to explore a new hobby. When energy levels begin to elevate, or when you’ve watched everything on Netflix (whichever comes first), put a certain made-in-Melbourne care package to good use and grow an indoor garden!

You’ve got a couple of options here at Hello Botanical. The Indoor Plant Care Package is best suited for those just starting out. If you’re a well-versed plant lover, don’t hesitate to go all in. Shop the gift with your name in its title: the Ultimate Plant Lovers Care Package

For those with an appointed isolation buddy, have them embark on the same journey with you. You might be suburbs apart, but you’ll feel closer courtesy of a shared project. Come out of this time with a family of indoor plants, plus the proud title of household expert.

Before you narrow down the best care package for you and your home-bound friends, consider how you can make your isolation gift truly count this season. Remember, the best kind of gift will help you, isolating friends and family, as well as every person in Australia facing similar hardships. 

Be sure to shop local 

In a time like now, it’s particularly important to consider where we’re shopping, and most of all, the effect on our local community. It’s the businesses in our own neighbourhood that need our support most right now. So along with ordering take-away from the restaurant down the road, select a made-in-Melbourne care package that’s locally designed and produced by Hello Botanical. Consider it a little slice of the city, delivered straight to your doorstep. 

Keep it natural to support health and wellbeing

At any time of year, but especially when seeking recovery, it’s best to steer clear of processed chemicals if and where possible. That means on your plate, but also in a care package. We’ve got you covered. Our gifts are entirely ethically made and full of organic ingredients sourced in nature. Looking after you from the inside-out is just as important to us as satisfying your sweet or salty tooth

Settle for nothing but stunning (presentation)

We know take-away food doesn’t always arrive as it should. A luxury gift package should be the ultimate exception - especially in the case you’re treating someone special. You’ll be glad to learn that all our gifts come beautifully presented in one of our hessian baskets. Reuse this basket for whatever you please: hosting a plant, storing your favourite accessories, or for now… collecting your tissues. 

Be wary of shipping timelines (ours are fast!) 

We offer same-day gift delivery in Melbourne and Geelong, so you don’t have to lose sleep panicking about late arrival. If you’re based in wider Australia, we’d allow for a slightly longer timeframe of up to 5 business days. As soon as a friend goes into isolation, we suggest going straight into action mode and placing your order with us!

As our little gift to you, we’re taking $20 off any indoor plant gifts* when you treat yourself or a friend to a Melbourne-made care package. So what are you waiting for? If you’re looking at the next seven days in despair, distract yourself with blossoming plants or take the time to establish a strong self care routine for the year ahead. Don’t be shy to explore our full range of care packages, even if it is purely to lift your own spirits. That's a good enough reason if you ask us!

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