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Gift Ideas for Plant Lovers: Indoor Plant Care

Coming off the busiest weeks of the year, there’s no doubt we can all benefit from a little more greenery to alleviate stress and create a celebratory mood. Fingers crossed that you’ve managed to preserve both your Christmas tree and your sanity in time for December 25th!

It’s one thing to maintain a single tree for a matter of days, but even the most committed plant lovers find themselves neglecting rituals around indoor plant care come January. As the new year kicks off, the wellbeing of our plants tends to compete (and lose) against the accumulation of work and life obligations.

If there’s one thing we can say proudly at Hello Botanical, it’s that we’ve mastered the art of maintaining indoor plants - and so can you! Our Christmas gift to you is imparting our favourite tools for the task, so you can treat yourself and/or the plant lover in your life this season and beyond.

Whether you’re looking to spare just a $20 note on an acquaintance, or to indulge your best friend in an extravagant plant care package, we’ve got plenty to choose from at Hello Botanical. Here’s how we’d be shopping for plant lovers, according to your unique budget and how much intel you have on your giftee!

Psst… if it’s you, we’d jump straight to option #3: Fulfill A Plant Lover’s Dream. After a rollercoaster of a year, you certainly deserve it! 


Perhaps you’ve spotted your colleague admiring their own desk plant? You may even have watched this plant (and your colleague) lose more and more vitality, throughout the month of December. It’s time to lift both their spirits. Our solution is the same as always: go straight to the roots!

You don’t need to have a huge budget to knock this one out of the park. Simply fill your cart with a single bottle of Plant Runner Plant Food. This liquid fertilizer ticks all the right boxes: it honours your budget, it offers a complete feed to house plants, and thus, it’s guaranteed to go to good use. This option is perfect if you know your colleague adores plants but you’re not quite sure how well-equipped they are in the ‘plant care’ department. 

Another option that requires no more spending, but includes a range of bespoke products is the MINI Starter We The Wild Care Kit. This nifty indoor plant care kit combines three nutrient-dense essentials within one thoughtful package. Each plant food has been curated with a specific intention. Grow supports fast absorption of nutrients. Protect reduces the inhibiting effect of environmental stressors. Support maintains optimal soil condition to ensure that plants will flourish. 

If you’re concerned about swapping Secret Santa gifts in just a matter of days, don’t sweat it. Place your order as soon as possible: we’ll have a plant care package on its way pronto. We offer same-day (or specific date) delivery within Melbourne and Geelong regions. We advise allowing 5 business days for wider Australia deliveries. 


Why not treat a plant lover to a hardback book that doubles as an interior accessory and an educational resource? They’ll love the way Indoor Green nods to their passion, whilst also tying in with décor preferences. On the more economical side is Boys With Plants, brought to Hello Botanical and the entire plant-loving community by curators at @boyswithplants on Instagram. 

For plant lovers who learn on the go, opt for the next level up in We The Wild house plant care kits. Their Full Size Essential Kit features the same products from the MINI kit, only this time in generously sized bottles for long-term botanical nourishment, a huge win. 


Now, we promised to expose all our best-kept secrets, and that includes what to buy for plant lovers who appear to have it all. There’s one thing we can almost guarantee they don’t have. And it’s not just a Christmas Pud (100g), complimentary with all Care Packages delivered in December! 

It’s our Indoor Plant Care Package, packed to the brim with goodies and available now for $130.00. Where do we begin with the ultimate house plant care kit? This gift truly possesses it all: ‘How to Raise a Plant and Make it Love you Back’ plant care book, Munash Organics Foliage Spray, Leaf Shine and Indoor Plant Food by The Plant Runner, the Salsu 100% Cotton Wash Cloth, and finally, the Sustee ‘Watering Checker.’

You simply can’t compete with a fully-fledged indoor plant care kit. It simplifies the whole process of raising house plants, so it’s easy and sustainable. Your plant-obsessed pal will appreciate you for this one! And not just on the several days after Christmas, but for weeks and months to come. 

With this level of support, their favourite house plants are virtually destined to flourish. 

What are you waiting for? It’s time to make the most of a variety of plant care solutions at Hello Botanical. Tick off all giftees from your list and indulge your own indoor plants with a single order. 

They deserve a feast this Christmas too, remember!